Astrovision October Horoscopes

Back in the day when Healthy Options magazine was still being published I would go to the back of each issue the minute I got it to read the horoscopes for the month. Harsha Rigney has provided me with some of the most helpful and down to earth Astrological readings as well as the most beautifully illustrated and useful moon calendars (great for gardening by the moon!) I have so far come across. For the past year (since Healthy Options went under) I have been at a bit of a loss without her monthly horoscope reading. I just got word that she has updated her website to include a personal blog as well as a horoscope blog so I am very happy. I am including here here general astrovision for October as well as what she says for Libra, since that is my personal sign. I highly recommend going and having a look at your own sign for October here.


This is an important time for long term decision making. We are to commit ourselves to set pathways, applying strategies and management skills. We are to eliminate distractions, building upon our discipline and motivation by establishing boundaries and guidelines. It is not appropriate to get caught in stagnant pools of old emotion. Just like water when feelings are flowing they remain healthy, left to swirl in a rock pool they quickly become toxic. It’s time to toughen up – get the job done!


With the New Moon, 8th Oct, in your sign this is an ideal time for you to plan not only the month but the year ahead. Set yourself goals, both personally and professionally, working in harmony with others as appropriate. Having a buddy to share the journey with as you make the steps towards achievement will accelerate the progress. Set yourself rewards as targets to aim for, as this will motivate you more. Without them your will-power could decrease.

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