Examples of Bad Food

This last weekend I discovered some disgusting brown turd looking stuff on my towels in the shelf by the bathroom. Looking at the shelf above I found an old can of corned beef someone had ‘donated’ to us when we first moved to Vancouver and could barely pay rent. I guess the seal had broken a bit and the juices were ooozing out everywhere. Yuck! These days we don’t often get to see bad food as the food industry has gotten everything wrapped up so tight in plastic and irradiation to death to try to convince us it is somehow better. But I have been documenting some bad food for a few years now and it is time for me to share my photos.

If you ever get a can that is swollen like this can of tomato paste I discovered in the pantry of the British Ambassador to Myanmar — throw it away instantly. This is most likely caused by botulism which is very deadly and likes to grow in anaerobic conditions.

Bad milk. Avoid industrial dairy at all costs, high amount of pesticides and herbicides are in animal feed and this gets concentrated in dairy products, this stuff can’t really be called milk. In fact, I used the jug of milk pictured here to make yogurt. I was in a rush and didn’t heat it all the way to 180 or hold the temperature. I probably got it around 140 or so, they yogurt was foul the next day. I have never had this experience before and I have been making yogurt all over the world with local milk for at least 20 years.

Here is some yogurt that I have let sit too long in the fridge (about 2 months or more) yogurt really takes a long time to go bad (if it is made with good milk). If you have any great bad food photos please share with us too, and I’ll post more as I get them.

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