Susan Weed Interviews Sally Fallon

This is just a quick post because I have just discovered Susan Weed’s site Wise Women Weblog and her radio show where she interviews empowering women. Sally Fallon has been one of my heroes ever since I first picked up her cookbook Nourishing Traditions in 2001. Reading her book finally made nutrition make sense, the continuous contradictions that were coming out about long held nutritional ideas since them has fallen in line exactly as Sally Fallon has stated. Her book is my main go-to cookbook in my kitchen, the principals around food contained in this website are geared towards traditional roots cooking as a result.

This interview covers a wide variety of various aspects of our modern industrial food and nutrition and how to get back to a more healing traditional way of eating and preparing our foods. Very good interview! I highly recommend taking the time to listen to it.

Interview of Sally Fallon by Susan Weed.

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