Movement – Tai Chi, Walking, Dance, Yoga…

Any kind of movement will help to detox your tissues, especially if you work up a sweat! The breathing and moving help get your lymphatic fluid and circulation flowing.

I have always loved walking just to get somewhere, or see a city, as well as a therapeutic method of letting events work themselves through. It is one of the easiest and most affordable things to do if you need to get things moving again.

Growing up in Asia I have seen people practising Tai Chi for years, early in the morning in parks and have always wanted to join in. The peaceful energy that pervades the park with the slow graceful movements and the early morning gleam is very tempting.

I finally took my first lesson in Tai Chi last year and learned the 24 form, which we do every morning. I find Tai chi particularly good because the movements flow, and actually give more exercise than they look like they would. They also use both sides of the body, with crossing over, lifting legs up or swooping down, which helps to improve balance as well as stimulate the brain firing across the two hemispheres, creating a limber mind that can easily make new connections and flow with changes. Chi Gong is another ancient Chinese gentle movement exercise that is really good for ligaments, tendons and getting your spine supple. This site has some great videos demonstrating various forms which is a good place to get started with Chi Gong (Qi Gong).

This youtube video helped us to learn the 24 form along with our excellent and patient Tai chi teacher.

I have never practised yoga so I can’t say too much about that but I have done something very similar, which is called Kum Nye and is a Tibetan form of yoga done by the ancient practitioners of the Bon religion. This little book by a New Zealand lady gives a nice 20 minute routine which stretches and tones with nine postures, I like doing this ritual in the morning. Holding these basic ancient positions in this isometric manner helps to release ancient blocks and injuries and strengthens the joints. This is a good ritual to begin the day. I still can’t hold all the positions for two minutes as suggested, and is done with focus on the breathing and the spine, so it goes very well with craniosacral therapy.

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