April Health Horoscope

My Healthy Options magazine arrived with this health horoscope for April 2010. I found it to be right on track with many points I have been pondering lately about rituals, healing and detoxification. Given that I am in the process of posting about various detoxing methods, this message fits right in, and says better than I can what I am currently finding to be so important. Taking the time and putting in the effort to choose your own rituals, and find your own personal healing techniques. Harsha Rigney, the lady who writes these horoscopes, is an Astrological Counsellor who lives in New Zealand. I have been reading her horoscopes since 2001 and I generally find them very helpful and right on target. I have her calendar the Astrovision Moon Calendar, which is stuffed with all kinds of information about the cycles of the year.

Astrovision For April:

To be effective in helping others, we need to be strong and clear in ourselves first. In the next few months, it is recommended that we all make our health the main priority of our day. From such a reference we can then go about our tasks with high energy levels, increased motivation and with inspiration in our hearts. It is up to each of us individually to recognise our recipe of good health and to then take the responsibility to heart in making sure that we follow those guidelines. Feeling tired, lethargic and unmotivated comes as a result of not looking after oneself well enough. Tend to your needs at the start of the day, not at the end.

We are our own best health practitioner; no-one knows our body, mind and spirit like we do. Therefore, it is up to each of us individually to recognise our exact recipe of what it takes to maintain good health. Once identified, it is essential that we establish the appropriate routines to keep this recipe applied in our daily lives. Discipline is necessary to keep us on track. Keeping a record of our progress is helpful as we can note the changes of behaviour and the benefits gained as we go.

  • Our digestion is to be the starting point of analysis–are you happy with your diet? Do you feel nourished and energised from the food you choose? Do you experience any difficulty in digesting your food? If any changes need to be made, these next few months are an excellent time to take those steps. Along with this is the question of the quality of your sleep. Are there any changes needed to be made to better your deepest rest time?
  • Emotionally, it is necessary that we process our journey regularly. When we hold onto old issues, not getting the resolution needed, we take that tension into our lymphatic system. Our health benefits enormously when we release the past and all the emotions associated with it. Speaking out our feelings to another is therapeutic. Do you have someone to listen to your story?
  • Nervous tension develops when we deny our minds a healthy diet of stimulating information. Keeping our minds limited with basic experiences starts to clog up our thinking. By taking up the challenge to learn, to extend our scope of life, this invigorates our mind with excitement. Our thinking is more reliable when we have fresh thoughts moving through our mind.
  • Finally, spiritually–in what way do you awaken your spirit? Meditation, prayer, nature time and creativity are all effective ways to uplift our spirit. Joy comes as a natural expression when our spirit is inspired.

Over the next few months, especially, it is advisable that we establish and maintain a healthy measure of the above factors. While you may have certain routines in place already, this is an excellent time to review them, making the necessary adjustments to modify your routines to suit the present circumstances. Think of it as a warrant of fitness. Is every area of your life humming along smoothly? –Harsha Rigney

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