Moon Calendar Health Horoscopes for 2010

Moon CalendarHarsha and Sufi Rigney produce a wonderful calendar every year that is full of wonderful hint, tips and tid-bits about gardening by the moon, your health and various other aspects. I have been reading Harshas horoscopes for years and they are always amazingly spot on. They live in New Zealand so the calendar they make is geared towards the Southern Hemisphere. As we are now living in Canada I am hoping to generate enough interest in this wonderful Moon Calendar that they will make a version for us in the Northern Hemisphere as well. To further this aim, I am posting Harsha’s health horoscopes for 2010 from this years calendar. If you like what you see, please send Harsha and Sufi a message begging them to make a calendar for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. You can contact them through their website The following is taken from the Moon Calendar 2010 and is written by Harsha Rigney. I have added in the details of this years solar and lunar eclipses of which there are four this year. Please read more–find your sign and learn what you can do to help yourself stay healthy and strong.

In 2010 we all need to have a clear sense of direction, working towards personal achievement and shared goals. In both references it is essential that we push ourselves beyond the limitations of fear, rising above any challenges to reach new measures of growth and development. Major breakthroughs are likely but only come from applying stamina and determination. We are breaking new ground. Having a buddy beside us–a friend, counsellor, coach or business colleague will make our progress easier….

Eclipses for 2010:

January 15: Annular Eclipse The year kicks off with a ring eclipse whose path falls almost mostly over the Indian Ocean.

June 26: Partial Lunar Eclipse
This timing favors those in the western halves of North and South America, who’ll see the event before moonset as dawn approaches on the 26th, as well as those in Australia and eastern Asia, who’ll see it in the evening after moonrise. Think of this lunar cover-up, which occurs during full Moon, as a warm-up act for the total solar eclipse that follows at new Moon two weeks later.

July 11: Total Solar Eclipse
Seen in the Pacific Ocean.

December 21: Total Lunar Eclipse
Early on the solstice day (but late night on December 20th in the Far West), the full Moon will be covered completely by Earth’s shadow for the first time in nearly three years

Aries (21 March-20 April):

Associated Body Parts: Head, face, cerebral system
Partnerships & relationships will feature strongly for your this year. Whilst there are many lessons to be learnt through these there is also so much to gain. Your progress will be more consistent with the help of a buddy. Look to combine your talents to reach a greater goal. having a common target to focus your attention upon will strengthen the relationship. With the Eclipses you’ll need to have the right balance of home and work. See your home as the roots of the trees and your work as the branches. If you feed the roots well the branches can stretch far and wide. From the end of May through until the end of September there will be many spontaneous invitations and opportunities presented to you. Don’t just jump at the first offer, give yourself time to think it over well. Choose wisely. Harmonize your activities with the interests of another; by sharing the load you’ll see the greatest breakthroughs. Headaches develop when you are too independent.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Being physically active with sport and exercise
  • Independent activities that spur your ambition
  • Getting singular recognition for your work
  • Achieving goals and meeting targets

Taurus (20 April-21 May):

Your focus for the year: BE FIT, HEALTHY AND STRONG
Associated Body Parts: Neck, throat, tongue, vocal chords, metabolic system.
It is important that in this year you focus your attention upon being fit, healthy and strong. By establishing good solid routines based upon your health maintenance, other areas of your life will benefit greatly. You will have more energy for your daily tasks, more stamina for your long term goals and an increase of determination to rise above any problems that are presented. If your health-care is erratic you will have a tendency to be anxious and stressed. Look after your health and other areas of your life will fall into place. This is a great year to broaden your community interests and social networks. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste by being lazy or complacent. The development of your plans is boosted through the people you are meeting. Be adventurous, get out to meet new friends and contacts. You need to be in your niche for your work to blossom. If this isn’t the case then bone, knee and teeth issues will arise. Make changes to improve your work environment.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Eating will and sleeping comfortably
  • Rewarding yourself for your efforts
  • Being pampered, feeling loved and appreciated
  • Surrounded by art, beauty, aromas, music

Gemini (21 May-21 June):

Your focus for the year: MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS
Associated Body Parts: Lungs, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, nervous system.
This is a year to push beyond the measure of previous achievements. What is your maximum level of productivity? This is the year to find out! You will need the support from family and close friends to see you through until the completion of your tasks. At the end of it all reward yourself with a well-planned holiday. It is possible for you to manifest our dreams–it will take hard work and good time management. Careful of being excessive with your daily expectations. With a strategy in place you’ll last the distance, reaching the finish line. Without one you could flounder and become distracted. With the Eclipses take the time to organise your finances and long term investments. Pooling resources with another can be beneficial as long as you research all the facts first. Your immune and reproductive organs are stressed when you resist the changes in your life. Focus on what you’re gaining, not what you’re loosing. Move forward.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Light-hearted entertainment and socialising
  • Having a variety of tasks throughout the day
  • Keeping your mind active with many interests
  • Short distance travel and walking

Cancer (21 June-23 July):

Your focus for the year: A PURPOSE TO YOUR RELATIONSHIPS
Associated Body Parts: Breasts, stomach, diaphragm, alimentary system.
Your home is your sanctuary. In this year aim to make your home even more comfortable, renovating it to meet your current needs. There will be changes as to the relationships within your home also. You need to feel there is a purpose in being together. Look to consolidate the relationships, thereby establishing goals you can work towards, sharing the work load and harmonizing your combined talents. Be careful of isolating yourself, stepping back from relating to others. Whilst this may feel emotionally safe, it will lead to loneliness. Relationships are challenging at this time but they will bring you the greatest fulfillment when you acknowledge the lessons. This is an excellent year for a holiday, especially from January to early June and again from September on. Go somewhere totally relaxing. Your world is opening up, bringing new opportunities to your life. Be willing to take the jump into these adventures. Hip and thigh injuries come when you are hesitant.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Creating a warm, comfortable and cosy home
  • Having quite time alone
  • Home cooked dinners and fireside evenings
  • Allowing your feelings to guide you

Leo (23 July-23 August):

Your focus for the year: OPEN TO NEW HORIZONS
Associated Body Parts: Heart, spine, gall bladder, cardiac system.
Study and further education are the main emphasis for you this year. Look at ways to extend your knowledge and skills, opening your world to new horizons. Having your finances sorted will be a priority as you won’t want these to be a burden upon your training. You will need to undertake some travel to make this study happen. Utilise the time in transport well as it is very effective for creative thinking. In this year opportunities are available for you to deepen your healing process by calling upon the help and guidance of health practitioners, counsellors, therapists or healers. With their help you are able to go to deep spaces of insight and understanding. While you may not have any great issue to sort out there will be many benefits from the release of deep-seated energy and emotion. For relationships to flow acceptance is needed. Expectations and demands lead to lower back aches. It’s vital to have healthy progress but be careful of over-analysing.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Spending time with family and close friends
  • Expressing yourself through creative process
  • Being part of celebrations and festivities
  • Having leisure and recreation time

Virgo (23 August-23 September):

Your focus for the year: HAVE A COACH TO ENCOURAGE YOU
Associated Body Parts: Abdomen, intestines, duodenum, visceral system.
Having a coach or mentor to encourage you along is advisable. You need someone positive and enthusiastic to bring out your potential. This is a great year for you to build upon your talents, develop your skills and crystalise your creativity. Careful of being overly critical of your work and achievements as it quickly shreds your Self esteem. Instead use this energy to keep your work space clean and organised, making it easier for you to focus on your tasks. With the Eclipses aim to establish a healthy balance of “yes and no” with your family and friends–too much “yes” will make you feel used and drained, too much “no” will make you feel cold and isolated. Your heart is happy when you have the right measure of “yes and no” operating in your life. Set routines for leisure activities, making them a regular event. Stressing over financial issues will bring neck and throat problems. By talking your situation over with someone you trust you’ll get practical solutions and schedules into place.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Being in a tidy, uncluttered space
  • Keeping your mind occupied, problem solving
  • Being conscientious with your health
  • Fine tuning systems and improving techniques

Libra (23 September-24 October):

Your focus for the year: FIND YOUR NATURAL RHYTHM
Associated Body Parts: Lower back, kidneys, renal system.
As you embark upon a busy year allocate time in your schedule for health and fitness as your productivity depends upon your well-being. Any type of extreme behaviour, from doing too much to doing too little, will lead to stress. Set a more moderate pace, finding the natural rhythm that suits you as an individual. Your greatest lesson in this year is timing. A steady flow is better than erratic bursts. Remember the story of the hare and the tortoise? Bring your awareness to the balance of work and home. As your sign operates through opposites you like to be relaxed at work where the energy flows smoothly, and productive at home where you utilise your resources fully to achieve the perfect balance. In this year look to increase your home based business activities as their duration is long lasting. An important decision needs to be made relating to you, your partner and a work situation. Headaches and stomach aches arise when you lack commitment. Be strong and wise.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Having a buddy to share experiences with
  • Being romantic and intimate with your partner
  • Creating beautiful environments, being artistic
  • Indulging in decadence and sensuality

Scorpio (24 October-22 November):

Your focus for the year: TAKE UP A CREATIVE INTEREST
Associated Body Parts: Pelvis, rectum, reproductive organs, immune system.
Your extended family is growing with new family members and friends to warm your heart. Sharing special occasions together is a great way to honour these relationships. Taking up a creative interest based upon theatre, music, art or dance is a wonderful way to express the feelings deep within you that don’t often get released. Having your leisure time in natural surroundings is deeply nourishing as you can effortlessly relax and unwind. From May until September your work will be moving at a rapid rate. Don’t resist these changes, be open to the newness they bring even though initially it will be chaotic. Updating your technology skills would be advisable. Be thorough when sorting through paperwork and documentation, ensure you have efficient systems to keep it all in order. Your heart responds positively when you have fun. Let laughter be your medicine, let adventures lift your spirits. Be spontaneous with festive occasions and creative interests.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Being positively challenged and under pressure
  • Probing deep into life experiences and mysteries
  • Doing adrenaline charged activities, taking risks
  • Having sex

Sagittarius (22 November-22 December):

Your focus for the year: REVIEW YOUR PRIORITIES
Associated Body Parts: Hips, thighs, buttocks, liver, hepatic system, sciatic nerve.
Your time spent with others needs to be well organized and for a set purpose. This enables you to be at your maximum level of productivity and combines you with motivated people. Your overall success depends upon team involvement and networking, therefore it is essential that you share your tasks, dreams and ambitions with like-minded, energetic folk. You are deeply soul-searching what it is that you value, asking “what do I need to be happy?” Your values are changing, your dreams are being modified, you are reviewing your priorities. Your home continues to be a focal point, buzzing with activity and filled with life. Having home based activities will be incredibly rewarding as you create your nest to be more nourishing, nurturing, warm and welcoming. For the benefit of your lungs make sure you put extra effort in communicating your deeper thoughts and feelings. Holding these back will create congestion.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Being in wide open spaces
  • Having plenty of options always available
  • Being on an adventurous journey, exploring
  • Furthering education, open to learning

Capricorn (22 December-20 January):

Your focus for the year: YOUR MEASURE OF ACHIEVEMENT
Associated Body Parts: Knees, bones, teeth, skin, skeletal system.
Having a set plan and direction is important for everyone this year. Such a long term vision is easy for you, however you are now needing to go deeper into yourself to find exactly what it is that you wish to achieve, to be or to experience. This is challenging you to change your reference of success. What do you use as the measure of achievement? Before you commit to a project or pathway ask yourself “how does that relate to me?” This is a time for you to be selfish with your responsibilities, putting yourself into the equation, not just fulfilling other peoples’ ambitions. Light-hearted entertainment lifts your spirits and helps you to see your situation from a different viewpoint. Changes in your home will happen quickly, adding freshness and excitement to your domestic routines. Opportunities are available for you to transform your life. Holding onto fear will limit your progress as well as create tension headaches. Be open to new ways of being.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Completing tasks, reaching an outcome
  • Seeing the measure of productivity each day
  • Having plans well organized and time structured
  • Being recognised for your contribution

Aquarius (20 January-19 February):

Your focus for the year: EXPLORE NEW TERRAIN
Associated Body Parts: Ankles, shins, calves, circulatory system.
Over recent years you’ve needed to lighten your load. This was on all levels of Being–mind, body and soul. This process has helped you to redefine your self identity, making you stronger in your relationships and more confident in promoting yourself. The benefits of this will come in this year with an increase of support, steady financial foundations and genuine acknowledgement of your skills. Whilst you are still continuing with the clearing of energy and emotion held from your past the intensity has lifted and proof of your efforts is now obvious. Take up on the opportunities as they are presented to travel to other locations, being adventurous as you explore new terrain. Even a day trip can be so refreshing. It’s not a matter of distance, just a change of scenery. Recognising how well you are coping with change strengthens your immune system. Your defences are weakened when you doubt yourself. Let go all that you’ve outgrown.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Socialising with friends out in the community
  • Having an active communication network
  • Spontaneous events that change your plans
  • Keeping your mind interested by multi-tasking

Pisces (19 February-21 March):

Your focus for the year: PUT PLANS INTO ACTION
Associated Body Parts: Feet, ears, lymphatic system.
You are ready for an adventure, starting off on a new journey. Many options will be offered but ultimately you are to take the one that gives you teh greatest scope with your work and career. It is up to you to make it happen, the potential is there for huge success and abundance. This is a good year for you to set up long term financial investments, putting plans into action for future benefits. Having the right advisers is essential. Trust your intuition, go with what feels right. The Eclipses herald great changes in your family and close friendship environment. Have the courage to speak openly of the feelings you have for those you love. Don’t just assume they know, you have to express them. Put the effort into completing tasks thoroughly–leaving a trail of unfinished projects will lead to tension. Without regret let go the dreams that no longer keep your attention. Your lymphatic system is sluggish when you hold too much. A fresh start is on your horizon, be ready to act.
Energy Charging Tonics:

  • Relaxing in nature, taking it easy
  • Floating off in a daydream to another world
  • Allowing your creativity to flow through
  • Bringing healing to your environment

About the writer: HARSHA RIGNEY

Harsha brings 18 years of professional experience as an Astrologer to this annual production of the Astrovision Moon Calendar. She provides a wealth of information to help you on a daily basis as well as to bring greater clarity to your own personal journey. Harsha’s enthusiasm for Astrology sees her sharing her skills through private consultation, teaching for 15 years, guest speaking and writing for the “Healthy Options” magazine. Writing books on Astrology is currently in the developmental process. Her Astrological Counselling services for personal direction and relationship guidance are available through mail order.

About the artist: SUFI RIGNEY

Sufi shares her artistic talent throughout this Calendar, weaving intricate designs that take the viewer on a magical journey. From the mystique of Mandalas to the precision of Celtic knot- work, out to the Galactic dimensions and beyond! Sufi’s style as a visionary artist has developed from her studies in Sacred Geometry, anchored in the Ancient Greek teachings and entwined with her ancestral links to the Celtic traditions. Her hand drawn designs are exceptionally precise and detailed. Sufi designs promotional logos, books, illustrations and murals, providing a service as a visionary artist.

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