Favorite US Seed Savers

Horizon Herbs is easily my favorite seed company. But that’s simply because I love reading the seed catalog that they send out. It is jam packed with useful herbal information as well as some interesting anecdotes of adventures to find seeds. They have an incredibly extensive range of hard to find, never-heard-of-before, plants and every year they have more. As I mentioned in my article on the vernal equinox, I also have special feelings towards this company because they recently, unwittingly helped to establish proof of my whereabouts for Canadian immigration. Their catalogs are my bedtime reading.

I was very excited to find pau d’arco and gotu kola in the catalog. I have used pau d’arco for years to support my immune system and now I have three lovely shrubs growing in my living room! Can’t wait ’till they are old enough for me to harvest my own pau d’arco!

Another great seed site is Johnny’s Seeds, I found out about these guys from Harvest McCampbell who wrote that really helpful book Food Security and Sustainablity for the Times Ahead.

I have just become a member of the Hudson Valley Seed Library so I will not make any claims about them just yet, but I am very excited about what they have already created, and I like the way the website is set up so far.

ReneeRenee’s Garden is impossible to ignore, their slogan Sharing the Pleasure and Satisfaction of Growing the Best Seed Varieties Chosen By and For Gardeners shows the integrity and heart of the company. The seeds are hands down absolutely top quality. The seed packets also come with plenty of information to ensure the conditions are right for growth.

With 24 years of experience in sourcing seeds, I take pride in offering only superior quality, high germinating varieties selected for exceptional garden performance and carefully evaluated for different climate zones in our own trial gardens. -Renee Shephard

Seed Savers Exchange is another of my favorite organizations that are gathering heritage seeds. They have a beautiful catalog as well, but I was having some trouble with the online store earlier.

Cyndi’s Catalog of Garden Catalogs is a comprehensive list of companies that sell seeds in the US and around the world.

Please feel free to let us know your favorite seed links.

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  1. Hella, I think that like great poetry and art, heritage seeds must be preserved so that future generations will know what non-modified food looks like. There simply is no comparision from today’s cross breed seeds to some of the cultivars that my grandfather grew in his extensive garden. thanks so much for sharing a great number of seed resources with the hearth and soul hop! Big hugs! Alex

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