Temperature Conversions

Oven Temperature Conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Slow Oven= 250-325F= 120-165C

Moderate Oven= 325-400F= 165-200C

Quick or Hot Oven= 400-450F= 200-230C

Very Hot Oven = 450-550F= 230-300C


Weights, Measures, Equivalents

T= tablespoon
t= teaspoon
8T= ½ c
2T= 1oz fluid
1 heaping c= 1c and 3 to 4 T
1 dessert spoon=2 t
2T=1 fluid oz
4 T = ¼ c
16 T=1c
2c=1pt (1 pound)
2 pt=1 qt
4 qt=1 gallon (8 pounds)
dash, pinch, speck=1/16 t
480drops= 1oz
8drams= 1oz
8 qt=1 peck
4 pecks=1 bushel
16 oz=1 pound
16 fluid oz=1 pt
8 pts=16 c
Butter- ½ lb = 1 c -1 oz = 2 T
5 eggs = 1 c
8 egg whites = 1 c
16 egg yolks = 1 c
1 lb rice = 2 c ( 3-4 c cooked)
1 sq choc = 4 T cocoa plus 1 ½ t butter
size of nut=1T
size of egg=1/4 c
beans ½ lb=1 c
butter ½ lb=1 c
cheese ¼ lb=3/4c grated
chicken-3 ½ lb chicken yeilds approximately 2 c cooked meat
coffee dry ground 1 lb=5c.
cornmeal 1 lb=2 2/3 c
eggs average size 8=1c
flour white-1/4 lb=1c sifted
rice-1 lb=2c
juice of 1 lemon=3-4T
juice of 1 orange= ½ c
split peas 1 lb= ½ c
powdered sugar ½ lb=1 ¼ c

Honey-Yogurt Marinade

I was taught this recipe by Bo Htein, who was taught how to cook by his paralyzed mother when he was a kid growing up in Myanmar.

serves 4

Mix together the yogurt, honey, garlic and chicken. Allow to marinate overnight. Bake or grill, sprinkling with salt and pepper as they cook.

Garlic – Turmeric Oil

This is really easy to make and handy to have in the kitchen. A mainstay in Burmese kitchens it results in two great additions for salads. Crispy golden fried garlic and garlic-turmeric infused oil.

Peel and slice thinly as much garlic as you would like to have available. I suggest 2 heads of garlic to make the exercise worthwhile.

  • Fill a heavy bottomed pan with enough oil to deep fry the garlic.
  • Add a teaspoon or so of turmeric
  • When it starts to sizzle slightly add the garlic
  • Stir occasionally and keep an eye on the garlic. It is quite easy to burn at this point
  • When it begins to get golden and before it starts turning black, quickly take the garlic out of the oil and drain on paper towels
  • Allow to cool and store it in an air-tight jar. This crispy fried garlic will keep indefinitely stored in this manner
  • When the oil has cooled store it in a jar in a cool place

Use it for flavoring your hand-tossed Burmese salads!

Garlic-turmeric oil Golden Fried Garlic


  • 1 head of cabbage, shredded
  • 1 T caraway seeds (optional)
  • 2 T sea salt
  • 2 T whey (optional)

Mix the cabbage, caraway seeds and salt together. Pound to release the juices. Place mixture into a jar and press down firmly so that the juices cover the cabbage by at least a centimeter. Cover tightly and keep in a warm place about 3 days.

Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is a practical and affordable addition to any diet. Broths and stocks provide powerful nourishment.

Organic chicken legs are generally a reasonable price and sometimes even cheaper than buying the whole chicken. You can leave the skin on if you like. I like to fry the chicken skins up for a tasty snack. Use the rendered chicken fat to fry with.

Organic chicken fat was traditionally considered to be very healing. This recipe is also good because you can use the poached chicken meat to make Myanmar Chicken Salad, and other recipes.