Wax Food Models – from Wim Wenders’ Tokyo-Ga

This is a short section from Wim Wenders’ documentary film, Tokyo-Ga, about the life of legendary Japanese filmmaker, Yasujoro Ozu. Ozu is known for his loving and methodical portrayal of family life in post-war Japan.

Ozu’s incredible filmography includes classics such as Ohayô (Good Morning), Tokyo Story, Late Spring, Early Summer, Floating Weeds, Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice, and dozens more.

Ozu once said:

I have formulated my own directing style in my head, proceeding without any unnecessary imitation of others.

In this snippet, Wim Wenders, a great filmmaker himself, becomes fascinated with the “fake food” often found on display at Japanese restaurants, showing the finest dishes they have to offer. The fake food is painstakingly produced in a small factory where Wenders goes to film for a day.

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