Who is Top Hobby Chef?

No.  I’m not talking about a television show or a television audition.  I’m talking about a real life food competition being hosted right smack dab in Vancouver on Commercial Drive.  I’m talking about Slow Bites on the Drive, a celebration of the slow food movement, locally grown food and getting to know your neighbours happening on October 20.

Sounds pretty cool right.

How does it work you ask?  Please let me explain.

We start with the hobby chefs.  Each hobby chef gets a free box of beautiful certified organic produce, think eggplant, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, garlic, onion, etc. etc.  Using this box as a foundation the hobby chef creates an awesome dinner menu.  There are two seatings with four diners at each seating, meaning that the hobby chef needs to make enough food for eight people.  Your guests bring the bevvies, you provide the food, both of which inspire the conversation.  All of the foodies are local so you also get a chance to meet other people in your ‘hood.

That’s not even everything.

At the end of the night, after the diners have tried two separate chefs, everyone wanders on over to a dessert spot for the crowning of the Hobby Chef winner.  Trust me chefs, putting in your best effort will pay off with prizes and of course the satisfaction that winning brings.

And to top it all off???  A portion of the proceeds goes to Slow Food Vancouver in support of their mission to spread the pleasure of regional cuisine.  To learn more about the event, please visit Social Bites, the partner business helping to produce the event.

If you think you have what it takes to be the Top Hobby Chef, send an email to in*****@sl***************.com for more information and to register.

Food lovers around the Drive who want to attend as diners can use the same address to sign up.  It’s sure to be a delectable evening full of inspired cooking.

P.S. The pics are from the Klipper’s stand at the market last week.  Those are just some of the beautiful veggies you could be cooking with.  Just sayin’.


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