Cell Tower and Cancer Study in Belo Horizonte Brazil

Why am I so interested in this study you might ask…as it turns out we are living less than 500 meters away from cell towers both to the North and East of us, we have also had Smartmeters installed just below us. Despite the fact that we have been on a therapeutic diet (GAPS / SCD) for the past two years, spending heaps of money on organic and grass-fed food as well as top quality probiotics and other supplements we are still struggling with various aspects of our health. I have been getting more and more electrically and chemically sensitive. This is incredibly frustrating. Why is Canada not doing a public health study like this?

I am dreaming of moving the hell out of here as soon as we manage to save enough money to do so, and Bel Horizonte has been a place I have been dreaming of going for quite a while because of their revolutionary zero-hunger policy. As this video shows they have a cell tower problem, like most cities of the world today, but they are addressing the problem, not simply burying their heads like North America is doing and adding more e-smog to the mix with wireless smartmeters.

This video is thanks to Magda Havas who has recently updated her open letter regarding use of wi-fi in schools.

Belo Horizonte is the third largest city in Brazil. In 2011, a 10 year study on cell phone antennas was released by the Municipal Health Department and several local universities. The study found a greater risk for cancer if you lived within 500 meters of a cell phone antenna or tower. Shortly after this study was published, the city prosecutor sued several cell phone companies and requested almost half of the cities antenna to be removed. In this video you will see the details of the investigation.

To view the study abstract, charts and graphs of the publication, click here.

To view a related video about this study and others regarding the health effects of cell towers visit – http://youtu.be/AEOcB7Svhvw

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