Full Signal – Global Wireless Technology’s Impact on Health

Full Signal Documentary

Full Signal is a very important documentary as it looks at the issues of wireless technology and it’s effect on our health in a clear way. It points out that people who are electrically hypersensitive are not out to get rid of technology, we simply want this technology to be dealt with responsibly. I myself was one of the first people to get a cellphone back in 1998 when I was working with a network marketing company selling supplements. I didn’t use it that much, but when I moved to New Zealand I started using one regularly, mostly just for texting. These days I can’t use a cellphone or a cordless phone at all and I have to use various tools such as earthing mats, strict diet and therapeutic baths to help me manage living in our apartment which is surrounded by transmitters. A couple months ago we had wireless smartmeters added into this mix and we can feel our health collapsing. Please watch this documentary and get informed about what you are doing to your own health and that of your children, as well as the general populace!

Full Signal:

Could ‘hanging up’ save our health? As our obsession with mobile technology has grown, an army of antenna have cropped up: behind houses, hidden in church bell towers, even disguised as trees. This crafted documentary cracks open the debate surrounding the global health risk they pose. –JourneymanVOD

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