June Update

Hi all, since I haven’t been posting much lately I am sure you all know that things are pretty hectic on this end. I am sure it is the same with everyone else as well. Things seem to be speeding up to a real frenzy. I have been doing a lot of gardening, craniosacral therapy and figuring out what is going on with this site.

I have my balcony garden going strong, and have dug up the area in front of our apartment and have a couple spots where I am doing an experiment with seed balls of clover, diakon and sunflowers to start improving the quality of the soil here. I have also joined a community garden, although I haven’t got my plot yet and I am a bit worried I am going to be overstretched, but I really need a place to grow some veggies.

We had a really good biodynamic craniosacral therapy intensive last week in which we were studying birth, it was really powerful and I had some amazing sessions from some of the students. I have also started treating people regularly as my health has gotten good enough for me to be comfortable doing that. The sessions I have been recieving over the last few months have also really accelerated my healing process, and I am feeling much more settled and integrated, although there is still a fair amount of work to do, I feel like I can see the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend combining biodynamic craniosacral therapy with the GAPS diet if you have any digestive conditions, or if you have ADHD, autism, migraines, food allergies, or just live in a place that is getting lots of radiation.

I have also been working on the book I keep talking about, and I have a good idea of the layout and how it is going to come together now, which is a big relief, I have been posting photos and recipes onto my flickr account for anyone who wants a preview. Over the next couple months I hope to focus more on that, and post recipes and favorite quotes about food, mythology and other sorts of rituals which will help me to get the content typed up as well. We’ll see how that goes since everything is so nutty right now.

We will be very busy over the next couple weeks as we are finally going on a little 4 day holiday to Vancouver Island tomorrow and the week after that I have a big family reunion, which will be very interesting as I haven’t seen many of my zillions of cousins for decades, it seems. Anyway I will try to keep you all posted!

Last but not least. I have been wanting to get into more women’s issues and whatnot on this site, but have been putting it off for a while. I just saw this trailer called Eggsploitation which has finally triggered me to make the move. I know some people aren’t interested in the things I will be talking about and may even find them disgusting, disturbing and traumatizing, so I have decided to set up another author when talking about feminine stuff…you know, menstruation, childbirth, rape, fertility cycles, abortion…things like that…. So just to warn you author friggaN is gonna be the fertility goddess of Hella Delicious for all things menstrual.

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