Local/Global – Start With Your Cells

Spring is a period of transition and this spring has been especially full of changes in my neck of the woods. I attribute it mainly to craniosacral therapy and the GAPS diet which we have been on for over a year now. The past couple weeks we ran out of probiotics (we take biokult twice a day) and haven’t been as strict with the diet. We also tried adding in more beans–navy beans and roasted chickpeas, lentils and other fried Indian snacks. The first beans you can add back into the diet are lentils and navy beans. Chickpeas are one of the last beans, they are the hardest to digest, which we found to be absolutely true. I haven’t done so well with the navy beans either. We do much better with lentils, and many Indian stores sell salted fried lentils which we do fine with unless we get one with MSG in it. The past couple days we have been eating dessicated coconut, as I found a delicious grain-free granola recipe, but it is rather rough for our sensitive intestinal epithelial cells. We have had some ups and downs lately, but it helps when you know what to attribute it to.

Despite all of this, I still feel better than I have in ages and actually managed to enlarge my garden in front of our apartment and exchange some cranio sessions with one of the students from our course. So I am basically thrilled to bits. I have also managed to start regularly doing qi gong in the morning which helps a million with my body for all the hours I spend in front of the computer. It also helps develop my listening and awareness skills to the various frequencies of my body. All of this means that this spring is finally a return to life. Looking back I can’t believe it is 7 years since I broke my heart, realised I was on the wrong path and started to admit my mistakes by leaving my husband. That was one of the toughest things I’ve had to do, but I learned more from it than I ever knew I didn’t know. Many of the issues that amplified my digestive illness over the past few years have also been resolved and it finally feels like the pendulum is swinging back in a more enjoyable direction. My seeds have started to sprout in my garden balcony and in my cells. I have also come to understand that blogging on Hella Delicious is a vital component of this process, it is a place for me to catalyse all of the information that swirls around us everyday, whether it is in the form of cellphone signals or from tv, reading too many websites, social media, or other people…I guess I find it grounding somehow. I encourage anyone who isn’t blogging to get started! I am happy to accept guest blogs to help get people going.

Anyway, all of the processes over the past couple months made me realize something I should mention that may seem to contradict what I said when I loudly proclaimed I wasn’t a Christian in a previous post. There are various ways to look at the symbolism of Christ and if I have to think about Christianity, I’m rather partial to seeing it in symbolic terms. In fact, the symbol makes sense on a larger scale which is the real point of Christ anyway. Jesus mentions that the first and only commandment is to love one another as ourselves and this is the spirit of Christ. One of my favorite mystics is Meister Eckhart, who was nearly excommunicated for saying that we all have the spark of God in us. This is true, we are all divine. The only way for The Messiah to return to Earth is for us all to realise, accept and listen to our own divine nature then we will start to resonate with it. One of the best ways to do this is to clean your own body’s cells and to start to listen to them, your body is your temple. Having optimally firing nervous, digestive, circulatory…systems is one of the best ways to get connected. Start local, very local.

I will give you praise, for I am strangely and delicately formed; your works are great wonders, and of this my soul is fully conscious. Psalms 139:14 in Basic English

One of my favorite books is Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, written by Dr. Paul Brand and Phillip Yancy. It was my grandmas book and was written in simple, clear language. I read it when I was in my early teens and it had quite an impression on me. Dr. Brand was a pioneer in developing tendon transfer techniques for use in the hands of those with leprosy (wikipedia), so his understanding of the physical body is very detailed. The book gives a detailed, tissue by tissue comparison of how the body of Christ is made up with each of us as individual cells of that body. If all the cells of a body are continuously warring and attacking each other then how can the body be healthy? First we have to stop fighting each other and find ways to come together then we must allow time for healing and detoxing. Resonating together we can generate all kinds of miracles.

For a more scientific perspective please read this post on quantum cohesion by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho.

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