Welcome to the New Hella Delicious

Welcome to the all-new Hella Delicious website! We were working really hard on this for the past couple weeks and are very excited about it. We hope it will open it up, make things easier to find and browse. Sorry it has taken so long, I know we have been promising this re-design for over a year now. But in that time we have managed to refine what we wanted to do and hopefully this will be really helpful for everyone. We have a new search, which works a ton better than the old one and the homepage is made specifically to help you access all of the content. There are still a couple things we are working on so bear with us over the next week or so.

A couple things we have added in are a RSS feed just for recipes in case you aren’t interested in my other ramblings, we have also added a easy way to print them out. There is also a get involved page–please check that out if you are interested in doing a guest post or would like to be featured as a Business of the Month. We have made the share buttons more easily accessible. We really appreciate you guys tweeting our content, posting it to facebook, digging it, stumbling it or whatever. You will notice we have also added a flattr button. Flattr is this great new concept for sharing money with websites that you like–all you have to do is add some money to the pot once a month (minimum is 2 Euros so it is very affordable), this money then gets shared around to all of the posts, articles, videos etc that you flattr. It is a really great way to avoid using advertising to support your website and I highly recommend it. At the moment it is s pretty new–only started last year–and there aren’t that many food websites yet so I am encouraging everyone with a blog to get involved–the more the merrier 🙂

You will also notice we have added a social media button — ifood.tv, we actually have a lot of recipes posted over there that we haven’t gotten around to posting on Hella Delicious yet. Those recipes are mostly the dishes I created when I was the Executive Chef of The Strand Hotel in Rangoon, Burma–and I think they are pretty tasty. One of these days we will get around to posting them here as well, but in the meantime check them out over at ifood.tv.

We have also added in some of our affiliates and sponsors in the footer, if you would like to be an affiliate or sponsor please contact us. Weston A. Price Foundation was one of our only sponsors for our Mouth of Babes internet tv show (which we still haven’t finished–we have about 5 more episodes coming). Mouth of Babes is a fun cooking show for pregnant mamas, demonstrating easy ways to make nutrient dense foods for healthy babies and kids. We really appreciate the hard work that Sally Fallon Morell has done in starting up the Real Food grass-roots movement. At Hella Delicious we love traditional food preparations and the Weston A Price Foundation has really done a great job of recognizing and respecting the heritage, culture and diversity of all of our traditions and bringing this understanding into mainstream understanding of food.

There are still a few things we need to get completed, like the DIY to the Basics of Urban Homesteading, but this will be a work in progress. If you have something you would like to contribute to that please let us know as well. The video and authors RSS feed still need to be updated. We also are planning to fix up the store and add some new product lines. Please bear with us, we still have a lot of housekeeping to do on the site to make sure everything is working.

Hella Delicious is your gateway to food in the fourth dimension. Please let us know how you like it and thanks so much for your support over the past few years.

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  1. chava

    I’m gonna stamp my feet and complain until you decide to start your podcasts up again. 😛

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