Boycott GMOs

This is a practical post outlining several things you can do to stop supporting Monsanto and their cronies who have foisted genetically modified organisms on us. I though it was a helpful post–it gives a good list of numbers to call. Thanks to Myra Said It–please read the full article there.

There is power in the dollar & power in numbers!

How many of these things can you do?

  1. Buy only organic foods for a week.
  2. Call or Fax the ‘Frankenfood Fifteen.’
    Tell them to remove GMO ingredients, including rBGH, from their brand products or you won’t buy them anymore.

    Starbucks 800-235-2883 or 206-447-3432
    Kraft / Nabisco 800-543-5335 or 847-646-2922
    Shaws 888-431-7429 or 508-313-3111
    Kellogg’s 800-962-1413 or 616-961-2871
    Frito-Lay 800-352-4477 or 972-334-5071
    Campbell Soup 800-257-8443 or 856-342-3878
    Quaker Oats 800-367-6287
    Nestle 800-225-2270 or 818-549-6952
    Safeway 877-723-3929 or 925-467-2005
    Heinz Foods 888-472-8437 or 412-456-6128
    Procter & Gamble 800-331-3774
    McDonald’s 630-623-6198 or 630-623-6942
    Coca-Cola 800-438-2653 or 770-989-3640
    General Mills 800-328-1144 or 612-764-8330
    Hershey’s 800-468-1714 or 888-431-7429

    The money we spend, or don’t spend on their products will add up and if they hear from enough of us, they’ll have to start listening! (See

  3. Visit // and print their list of non-GMO foods so you can know which foods are still safe to eat. Then plan your shopping list for item number one above.
  4. Visit,, or some other seed company that also specializes in non-GMO garden seeds and place an order. We must keep them in business while we prepare ourselves for the GMO disaster that we are trying to stop and to feed ourselves in the meantime.

  5. Please go to Myra Said It for six more simple, practical and far-reaching tips on bringing down the GMO corporations.

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