To Live

Well, I have been getting a lot of encouragement about my writing of late, which is making me too bold perhaps. I used to never show my writing to anyone as I was writing it as an outlet for myself and no-one ever seemed to really get what I was on about. I just have to say thank you guys for reading my jabber!

I have a biodynamic craniosacral therapy training this week so I am trying to get a bunch of posts done. I found this old poem I sketched out in college while listening to one of my professors go on about the economy of Asia. I think this was around the time the ‘tiger’ boom was going on or some such thing. I didn’t like this class at all and found the teacher rather disgusting. I don’t think he had ever actually been to Asia… this is the poem/prose that poured from my pen when I was trying to be inconspicuous by pretending to take notes. The guy was convinced I was an idiot, and I guess I was for not dropping his class pronto, but I really couldn’t believe he was actually advocating what he was and so full of himself for doing so. I used to be quite good at being invisible back in the day….

To Live
Listening to the voices
Head down eyes lowered…invisible
Hiding your ideas, feelings and notions
Listening to the white man so full of knowledge

… He knows

He knows what’s going on in the world–
how can he not?
So…what is he advocating? I am not sure.
Is this really his window on the world?

Cynicism… Does he know how it feels?
“You have people, use them…”

Has he been used? His calories, blood and sweat
put into the BMW convertible that a family uses
two weeks a year for their vacation in Florida.
Has he seen his children die of diarrhea
or some other easily curable disease?

“It may be a little cruel to extract hours of labor
from workers…but it works.”

How can he sit where he is, know what he knows and talk as he talks?
Because he is an intellectual and is distanced…

But he knows.

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  1. alan

    Nice poem. It’s my favorite too

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