December Update

We were down in Portland, Oregon last week for a couple days. I was astonished by the food cart phenomenon that has grown up in that friendly city over the past couple of years. It seems that every country in the world has their delicious food represented on the streets of Portland! We seriously started considering moving there. As it turns out even Vancouver, BC is begging Portland for tips on how to get their own pavement cuisine going. I am sorry–I was unable to get any photos of them as there was a terrible downpour going on most of the time we were there. We got drenched about three times.

Unfortunately when we got back I was overtired and exhausted and ended up with a migraine and puking ill. I managed to recover fairly quickly with lots of baths, carrot soup and bentonite clay. It is good in some ways to get sick again, just to remind me how far I have come thanks to this amazing grain-free diet, and to also remind me that I still have work to do to really regain the state of health that I used to enjoy. I also ate a bit of sugar-filled chocolate before the whole trip so I think that helped to bring me down as well.

I just got around to tallying up the comments from our Comment4Calendar Raffle. I plugged them all into the website and the top email address I got I am sending the calendar to. I just sent a message out so I hope to hear back soon and I will ship that off tomorrow. It was really great to get so much feedback from everyone and such nice comments about the website.

We are really hoping to have enough time to upgrade the website and make it much easier to search and to open it up a bit so that all the information in here is much more accessible. I am still working on the cookbook, although I need time to sit down and really sort that out, but it is still in the works….

This coming year we really want to focus on making Hella Delicious more community oriented. I always feel like I am babbling on and on about myself and boring the socks off of everyone, and I know everyone has their own crazy, funny, miraculous and bizzare tales as well, which I would love to hear, so we are requesting Guest bloggers, if you would like to share an experience, recipe, event…anything. We are also doing a regular New Moon GAPS and SCD bloghop as well as a Full Moon Detox resources roundup we hope you will get involved with that as well.

I am putting together a newsletter for the real Hella Delicious insiders (yes I mention this at the end of a post so that only the real die hard insiders will get the cards-heh) which I would like to send out right away. So please if any readers would like to be included in that, just comment at the end of this post with your address and I will include you in my mailing list. This year I have made some Pumpkin Chiffon Pie recipe Christmas cards as well as a Cherry Torte recipe card. I love snail mail and so I love to send out snail mail at least once a year. Don’t worry I won’t post your address on the website. Unfortunately we had to take down our contact page as I was getting too much spam that way, but if you just submit a comment it will come to me for approval before getting posted–unless you are a regular commenter then it will post automatically, but don’t worry– I will have my eyes open and will make sure to remove it.

Thanks again for all of your great feedback and please keep it coming, we love hearing from all of you.

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  1. Shellie C

    Newsletter please! 😀
    I’m new to your site and loving it, as I’m just in the midst of transitioning my family over to GAPS.

  2. Leanne

    I’d love the newsletter.

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