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We are getting ready to do a huge upgrade of the website and would just like to get a bit more feedback from you guys. In order to encourage this we are having a Comment4Calendar Raffle. What does this mean? Basically, anyone who makes a relevant and interesting comment anywhere on the Hella Delicious website in the next week–from December 3rd to December 10th, 2010–is entering into a raffle to win the Hella Delicious 2011 Recipe Calendar worth $21. However many comments you make is how many chances you have to win the calendar. The winner will be chosen randomly.

If any of you are wondering what to comment about, here is a good place to start. Just comment at the end of this page and let us know anything that you find annoying or great or that you would do differently about the website. We have heard that we need to have larger font, for example, and that it is hard to read so much text on the bright orange background. Any feedback you have is helpful, so thank you all in advance!

If you wanna get a good look at the calendar and all the photo recipes for each month you can see them all very nicely here.

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  1. Scott

    I just thought I’d mention that on the internet explorer I have at work the text from the article spills over and overlaps the links and images on the sidebar, making things very hard to read. I can find out what version of IE that is if it would be helpful.

    1. hellaD

      Oh darn, yes IE, you are right we never sorted that out. I sure hope we actually have time to do our upgrade soon!

  2. Hannah

    I already ordered mine but I’d love another to have one in the office and one in the kitchen! :)

    Love Hella D! :)


    1. hellaD

      Hey thanks! That is so sweet! Hope you have a good holiday season and get that kombucha out to all those needy folks! I have an idea that I want to talk to you about but I think I better wait till next year — I hope to be much more organized by then — fingers crossed!

  3. Sally Moore

    Please keep the interestimg articles coming I forward them onto my good friend we both enjoy them. I love the yelloow background it is so cheerful.

    1. hellaD

      I am so glad to hear people like the yellow background! I like it myself and I have heard that just looking at this orange color can really cheer you up!

  4. Jenny

    The website needs a better way to search.
    I put “peanut” in the search box– and I don’t results with peanut in the title– like the fabulous peanut butter smoothie or Peanut Balachuang. Also words as a part of the subtitle like Burmese Chicken Noodle Soup don’t work either.
    I love surfing through your site (a favorite down time activity), but it is hard to figure out how to get back to things I am ready to make– and some of the links to recipes from videos are broken… but that being said– don’t put me in the raffle- I already got a calendar! I want to support your work whenever I can because I enjoy it so much! seriously write a BOOK!

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