Christmas Jazz Club

I usually don’t look forward to the holidays overly much, but this weekend has been so awesome, it’s really changed my outlook. We brought our tree home and decorated it Friday evening, did some Christmas crafts and baked brownies.

While looking for some music we found an old CD, all of this 1930’s jazz/swing type music. I’m not even sure who it’s by. We got so into it, and now all weekend we’ve been pretending our house is some sort of 30s jazz club. So much fun, getting dressed up and tons of dancing in the living room, I don’t know how many times we’ve listened through that cd now.

Daisy’s been the waitress/bartender, making up these fancy pretend martinis and serving snacks. I was nominated as chef, and have been making up some fun meals for us. I put some work into breakfast yesterday, making sausages and crepes with blueberries and whipped cream and apple sauce. My first time making crepes, and definitely a success.

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  1. Sally Moore

    Sounds great happy holidays to you and yours

    1. Scott

      Thanks so much. The jazz club just had it’s first visitors lastnight and it was a great time. Daisy kept everyone entertained with dancing and music performances, and even a comedy act.

      Oh, and the cd was Katharine Whalen’s Jazz Squad. It’s all covers of jazz songs from the 20s and 30s. Wonderful CD. I love it.

      1. hellaD

        Nice! Thanks for letting us know who the CD was too!

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