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Stop FDA Tyranny Against Dairy Farms. Lately the FDA has really stepped up its mission to close down small dairies. This is the final big push of the big industry–they are preparing for the S-510 bill to give them even more power.

Our dairy here in BC is currently under fire from Fraser Health. I often wonder what would happen to the wonderful family that runs our dairy and our cows if they decide to shut us down. I can’t imagine what difficulties that would place on the family. Sometimes I am amazed at the risk this family of farmers is taking for us. Morningland Dairy and Estrella Family Creamery in the USA are facing these issues RIGHT NOW.

I wonder what I would do if I could no longer access raw milk any more. In the last year that I have been drinking it my health conditions have improved remarkably, it feels wonderful to have that connection to the earth when living in a urban environment. It isn’t much but it is so much better than nothing. When farms like these get shut down, we are in deep trouble. As Michael Schmidt always says, raw milk is the lynch-pin. This movement will have a huge impact on health care and other aspects of the economy and society and that is what the big industry types are so afraid of. Please if you are in the US, take a minute to take action on this information and defend your right to decide for yourself what you think is good for you.

Weston A. Price Action Alert: Help Stop Destruction of Raw Cheese Inventories

Farmstead cheese operations–Morningland Dairy of Mountain View, Missouri and Estrella Family Creamery of Montesano, Washington–face upcoming legal battles which could result in court orders for each dairy to destroy its entire cheese inventory for allegedly being adulterated. The FDA is now taking aim at raw cheese producers and has created a climate of fear among those who make farmstead cheese for a living. The agency’s long term goal is to eliminate access to raw dairy products. See this article: FDA’s Ace in the Hole


Both the Dixons and the Estrellas are fighting government attempts to destroy their cheese while currently earning little or no income from their farming operations. In addition to the money needed to pay for living and farming expenses there will be significant court costs incurred to overturn the destruction and seizure orders. The outcome of the Morningland and Estrella cases will have an impact on freedom of food choice in this country.

Your help is needed. For those wanting to contribute money towards this fight, donation pages have been set up for each dairy:

For Morningland Dairy, donate HERE.

For Estrella Family Creamery, donate HERE.

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