Vote for Hella Delicious Recipe Videos!

Hey everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying yourselves and have had marvellous weekends. I have entered a couple of videos in a couple of competitions. Please if you have a spare minute can you vote for them?

As most of you have noticed we got fed up with google ads last year and got rid of them, as a result Hella Delicious is actually an unofficial not-for-profit site which provides lots of information free of charge to help everyone with finding their own best rituals and foods for health and freedom, so if you can donate a minute to vote for these videos you will be doing us a HUGE favor 🙂 (Ok–so I have a few amazon ads of my favorite books on here, but we the grand total from them is still under a dollar!)

The first one is Ruthie and Mikko making Liver Pate, which is entered into a BC competition which demonstrates how two generations can enjoy cooking together.

Please click on the following link to vote: Better Together BC Contest. This one has 29 votes but is still lagging behind the competition.

The second one is my video of Burmese Tomato Salad, actually the quality of the video isn’t that hot, but I thought it would be good press for Burma and Burmese food even if we don’t win, and we all know Burmese salad rocks! That one only has about 6 votes I think, so it desperately needs some help.

Please click on this link to vote: NaturalNews.TV

Please feel free to forward this to anyone else you know who might be willing to take a second to vote. 🙂

Thanks a million everyone!

P.S. Also, we are trying to encourage more feedback on the site, so for the first 20 people to give five pertinent comments we will send you a Hella Delicious fridge magnet with my favorite little ladybug on a milkweed blossom!

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