Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training

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In 2003, I began a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training in New Zealand. I was a chef at the time, so this was entirely new for me. Prior to starting the training I spent about 3 years researching various healing modalities to make sure I put my hard-earned money into the right one for me. I knew I wanted to do craniosacral therapy, but at the time it was hard to find anyone to teach it. I stumbled on this course when I was studying herbs and nutrition at Wellpark College in Auckland and knew right away it was what I had been looking for.

As a chef, I worked long hours and the standing combined with chopping, whipping, stirring, grilling… was taking a toll on my body. Not only that, but I smoked more than I ate, and loved a cup of coffee more than a bowl of soup. At the time I actually thought it a waste of money to buy food! (Bear in mind that I worked in kitchens so I always had access to the best food without having to buy it for at least one meal a day.) My body was falling apart. I knew I was on the wrong path and I needed to find a way to get healthy again.

When I started the craniosacral therapy training it was more for personal growth and health than to become a practitioner, although I didn’t have anything against being one in particular, my focus was just more internal. Over the next two years of the course, many of my frozen emotions were re-integrated into my psyche and as a result today I know my own skin much better than I did at that time.

Ged Interview Pt 1 of 5 from Joshua Lee on Vimeo.

When I stop to think back on all of this now, I realize I began my first training seven years ago. Things often happen in cycles of seven, so I am not too surprised that two of our trainers from the UK, Ged Sumner and Sheila Kean, are beginning a training here in Vancouver, BC in September, 2010.

I met with Ged last year to help him find a venue and from what he told me the trainings are more streamlined than ever. I am looking forward to this chance to assist in the training as it will be a good refresher since I am quite rusty at the moment. Ged and Sheila like to have as much student-teacher time as possible so this is one of the most practical and effective trainings I have participated in. It is very interactive, with lots of time for hands on work and the teachers are sensitive to the various personalities of their students and how best to encourage their potential. Full biodynamic craniosacral therapy training curriculum here. The course changed my life and set me back on my heart’s true path.

Ged will be here on the 25th of July for an introductory workshop. Ged is very dedicated to this healing modality and is currently running programs all around the world, there is currently a training in Calgary as well.

For more information on the upcoming training in Vancouver, BC please follow this link.

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  1. Wade Maude

    Hi I live in Calgary and am trying to find information on training for Cranial Sacral Therapy. I would appreciate any information you could share with me on trying to find classes for this amazing practice.

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