GAPS / SCD Diet, Cancer and Fungus

A big thanks to everyone for their kind words of support over the past week or so since we found out that my mother has cancer in her pancreas. 🙁 Sorry I haven’t been communicating this last week, we got the news and then had to get our taxes done, which was a bit pain in the neck. We are also taking a trip to LA this month, so I am trying to get my garden and everything else in place before we go. I have been thinking about cancer as a result so these ramblings are what have been fermenting in my mind of late.

When food, the body, the heart, and the mind become perfectly united with nature, a natural diet becomes possible. The body as it is, following its own instinct, eating if something tastes good, abstaining if it does not, is free. -Masanobu Fukuoka

Yesterday, at the laundromat, I managed to read a few more of Masanobu Fukuoka’s essays in what has been dubbed ‘the little green book,’ The One-Straw Revolution. I got into the section on what he calls ‘natural diet.’ He lays out in a clear and beautiful way a description of the importance of the relationship of nature and mankind and how this relationship is developed through eating and farming/foraging. I got so excited by it that I have pulled out my favorite excerpts here. I feel that this SCD/ GAPS diet we are on is helping me to regain the sensitivity of a natural person who is in tune with their instincts, that Masanobu Fukuoka speaks of. Please take a minute to read the sections I pulled out, very profound, it shows the importance of food for creating a natural and peaceful culture for our world.

Interestingly, doing the GAPS/SCD diet these last few months has made me really come to realise how the cyclical rituals of food preparation are a vital component of health. I have also been finding that my training in classical cooking is very helpful. Nut flour is a big part of the diet, and many traditional tortes were originally made with almond, hazelnut or walnut flour. Nuts are very easy to harvest and were one of mankind’s first foods along with fruit, shellfish and other meat. Also soufflé’s, quiche, sabayon and other eggy concoctions. Stocks and home-made sauces and rich fats are some other examples.

Practising the GAPS/SCD protocol is also a step towards the ‘natural diet‘ of Masanobu Fukuoka. Being on the GAPS or SCD diet means that you have to learn to be more in tune with your body, to see how it reacts after adding new foods. You also need to learn how to distinguish your bodies various ways of displaying symptoms in order to know if you are in the process of a ‘die-off’ or if you are unable to digest what you have just eaten. In this sense it takes time and attention, but I have found that as I get back in tune with the various rhythms of my body, it gets easier and it is very empowering.

Over the last three months we have had several set-backs but on the whole our health has improved. Every two weeks or so each of us seems to have a bad day or two but the severity is slowly reducing. I had a bad day again earlier this week, which even a long bath didn’t help, but I got some sleep and I didn’t start throwing up, although it came close at one point. Another interesting symptom that we experienced was when a mole changed color several times on my partner’s collar-bone. The first time I noticed it looked like a blood blister, but went away, a couple weeks later it did the same thing again, overnight changing to look like a blood blister, and full of blood and the next day back to looking like a mole again. We went to a doctor to have it checked as soon as we could get an appointment, but by then it just looked like a normal mole again and they said it was nothing.

I have recently been checking out the information from the Italian doctor who is treating cancer with baking soda as he has found that cancerous tumors are basically fungus, usually candida, and can be treated by injecting them with baking soda. This makes a lot of sense to me, especially after seeing my partner’s mole change color like that. One of our big health problems has been fungus issues because of living for 6 months in an extremely moldy apartment in New Zealand. At the time the mole was changing color, we were having serious candida flare ups. Since then both of our athletes foot fungal issues have cleared up for the first time in years.

I am not an expert in this diet, as I have only been on it for 3 months, but it is common knowledge that candida is an epidemic in our Western societies and cancer is too, so would it really be that surprising to find a correlation? Anyway check out this video with Dr. Tullio Simoncini who says cancer is a fungus, and see what you think.

P.S. Happy Vappu everyone!

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