Swine Flu Hoax

There are many ways to boost your immune system and prevent illness. The pharmaceutical industry is geared to make a profit, to look at statistics, not individuals. I personally would never dream of getting another vaccination. I understand in certain areas of the US vaccines are becoming mandatory. I would highly recommend looking into this area yourself as ultimately it is you who could be harmed by a vaccination. Different people respond differently and I personally think that it is especially criminal for pregnant women to be such a target for vaccination.

The Council of Europe is currently conducting an investigation into ”The handling of the H1N1 pandemic: more transparency needed”. Their second hearing is on March 29th. More can be found here. Methinks it is time for the death penalty for corporations!

The following is a collection from various articles talking mostly about the money that is being made off of vaccinating us. I hope this collection of resources is helpful. I would love to hear comments or experiences with vaccination.

This is a really good article, it introduces us to Samantha who had a horrible allergic reaction to Tamiflu, and then it turned out she didn’t have swine flu in the first place…

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: The Men Who Made a Killing out of Swine Flu While we Wasted £1bn and Were Exposed to Harmful Drugs

Scientists are now reporting that swine flu is only one-tenth as virulent as ordinary flu. So who was to blame for all this? The finger is being pointed directly at the World Health Organisation, which stands accused of announcing ‘a false pandemic’ in June last year.

What was not widely known at the time was that in the spring, the WHO had softened its criteria for defining a pandemic. Instead of the requirement that pandemic strains should cause ‘enormous morbidity and death’, henceforth all that would be required for ‘pandemic status’ was ‘ sustained’ transmission in at least two different parts of the world at the same time.

Critics now claim that the drug companies manipulated the WHO into downgrading its criteria for a pandemic so they could cash in on an outbreak. It is alleged that they were desperate to recoup costs, having invested some £2.5 billion developing vaccines to deal with the bird flu pandemic in 2007, which, as it transpired, never happened.

These accusations form the basis of an inquiry being conducted by the Strasbourg-based human-rights group, the Council of Europe.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg is a former president of the council’s Health Committee and is adamant that the world was misled. ‘WHO advised us falsely,’ he says. ‘They raised a false alarm. It was stated that this was a flu that could threaten humanity.’

Labour MP Paul Flynn believes the questions raised are legitimate ones: ‘We need to know who is making the assessment of risk. Is it based on rational, independent epidemiological evidence, or is it influenced by the pharmaceutical industry for their own purposes?

‘The main concern is that the drugs companies and the vaccine manufacturers have their tentacles in every area where decisions are taken – that includes the WHO, governments, civil service, and even charities.

‘The overwhelming view now,’ says Flynn, ‘is that the scare was grossly exaggerated.’

In all, it is estimated that the companies behind the vaccines and anti-virals will scoop a £4 billion windfall from the pandemic.

  • GlaxoSmithKline has revealed that sales of its vaccine reached £835 million in the fourth quarter of 2009.
  • Sales of the drug Relenza have also earned it hundreds of millions of pounds.
  • In the same period, Novartis notched up vaccine sales of more than £800 million, the vast majority coming from H1N1 sales.
  • Drug firm Roche reported an 8 per cent rise in annual sales last year, helped by sales of the swine flu drug Tamiflu, with profits up 14 per cent to £8.89 billion. Read More

The following is a video of Polish health minister Ewa Kopacz, it shows a debate on Polish TV about her reasons for refusing the untested Swine Flu Vaccine. Poland was the only country in the EU to not get caught up in the swine flu hysteria. Her point is solid, she wants to know what exactly it is she is dealing with before putting the Polish people’s health on the line.

This is a really good article and goes into depth about the cronyism (European Scientific Working group on Influenza ESWI) that has created this ‘flu industry’. Also some history, Dr. Flu is connected with the SARS and other outbreaks–very interesting, I recommend reading the whole article:

World Health Organisation ‘Mr Swine Flu’ Under Investigation for Gross Conflict of Interest

The man with the nickname “Dr Flu”, Professor Albert Osterhaus, of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam Holland has been named by Dutch media researchers as the person at the center of the worldwide Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza A 2009 pandemic hysteria. Not only is Osterhaus the connecting person in an international network that has been described as the Pharma Mafia, he is THE key advisor to WHO on influenza and is intimately positioned to personally profit from the billions of euros in vaccines allegedly aimed at H1N1.

What is more significant about the ESWI is that its work is entirely financed by the same pharma mafia companies that make billions on the pandemic emergency as governments around the world are compelled to buy and stockpile vaccines on declaration of a WHO Pandemic. The funders of ESWI include H1N1 vaccine maker Novartis, Tamiflu distributor, Hofmann-La Roche, Baxter Vaccines, MedImmune, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur and others. Read more

This is also a very in depth article following some of the time-line of the pandemic panic and talks about how the WHO changed the definition of a level 6 pandemic…

Reconstruction of a Mass Hysteria: The Swine Flu Panic of 2009

Apparently German infectious disease experts also misunderstood the official WHO definition of phase 6. An influenza epidemic, according to Germany’s national pandemic plan — updated in 2007 — is “a long-lasting, international situation involving substantial loss…and causing such lasting damage as to jeopardize or destroy the livelihood of large numbers of people.”

The situation on June 11, 2009 did not correspond with these descriptions. Critics were already asking derisively whether the WHO had any plans to declare the latest outbreak of the common cold a pandemic. “Sometimes some of us think that WHO stands for World Hysteria Organization,” says Richard Schabas, the former chief medical officer for Canada’s Ontario Province. Read more.

GlaxoSmithKline Q4 Profits up 66% From H1N1 Vaccines

In the last three months of 2009, the drug company netted $2.6 billion in profit, compared to more than $1 billion the year prior. The strong finish, according to ABC News, pushed full-year profits up 20 percent, or approximately $7 billion. Read More

Spiegel: 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic a Boost for Big Pharma

Those who suspected a money- and greed-driven conspiracy behind the 2009 swine flu outbreak – declared a pandemic by overzealous WHO officials and their advisers from within the industry – are being proven right by recent revelations in Der Spiegel. Read More


Up to 132 million doses of the vaccine were ordered at the height of the panic over the H1N1 virus in 2009. But earlier this month it emerged that only 13 million doses had been delivered and more than four million were used on patients – three per cent of the total. Read More.

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