Beware the Pharmaceutical

balcony harvestIn the Americas we don’t know whether what we are eating is genetically modified or not. We don’t know what other types of additions we are getting in our meat and dairy either. Food is also “enhanced” with all kinds of vitamins and minerals as well as flavorings, toxins, colorings and preservatives. These are the sorts of things that we should be worrying about in defending our right to unadulterated food.

Our food has been allowed to become toxic and is creating disease. It is not a bacterial “germ” that is bringing about our demise. It is the insidious and ever-present man-made filth that is creating extinction and disintegrating our nervous systems.

To be even more honest with you…sometimes I wonder if it isn’t a conspiracy of some sort, in fact this is right on track. The ultimate evil conspiracy. It turns out that the real war-crimes criminals behind the Nazi’s concentration camps were the executives of the pharmaceutical company IG Farben. Not only that but you may have heard that Donald Rumsfeld is behind pushing through aspartame despite the fact that the FDA had refused to approve it for 16 years. Interestingly pharmaceutical companies have also been accused of genocide before the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

When we are consuming nerve destroying excitotoxins and refined sugar as well as being pumped full of antibiotics (via our milk, meat, cleaning products and doctors) the proper symbiotic balance of flora cannot develop in our intestinal tract. When this happens the nerve-supporting B vitamins are not being produced in high enough quantities the keep our moods regular and our brain powers sharp and limber.

When insurance companies militantly insist we take cholesterol lowering drugs and go on a fat-free, no cholesterol diets in order to get health insurance. Fats and cholesterol both support our nervous systems and brain function.

These big pharmaceutical companies have cleverly poisoned everyone into foggy brain function and chronic fatigue to prevent revolution, they have worked together with big banks and the big media to drive us into debt and illness and then they try to make us thank them for it….

In the meantime we are indoctrinated into going through an expensive school system which we have to struggle to pay for with another 20-30+ years of dead-life. Have a look at some of Derrick Jensen’s very interesting and challenging writing, to get another perspective on life.

In this manner we are not allowed time to contemplate or to establish a balanced, functioning nervous system necessary to have the wherewithal to be able to stop and step out of this system of self-destruction.

The Rastafarians have a system of food natural, pure and clean food that uses no additives-I-tal.

And I have heard that Shambala is accessible in this life-time…

But back to the practicalities of eating in our present day

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