Britt’s Pickles (Lactofermented in Oak Barrels)

britts-secretsI stumbled across these amazing and addictive pickles while passing through Pikes Place Market in Seattle. It was perfect timing as I had just eated a rather cheap steak and egg breakfast and was needing some help digesting it. The Britt’s Pickles stand offers free samples of all of their pickles as well as shots of the brine, which was exactly what my belly needed right then.

I was so thrilled to find these traditionally fermented pickles available. I got the hot and sour and immediately devoured the whole bottle in one sitting. The pickles are almost smoky from the oak barrels they are fermented in. The tannins in the oak interact with the fermentation process creating the most amazing crispy pickle with a very layered taste dimension.

The most powerful thing was just the feeling of goodness and wellbeing, the care taken when sourcing the cucumbers and other vegetables used is obvious. The love and understanding of the fermentation process comes through loud and clear in the amazing flavor of these pickles.

I have to bring two bottles with me whenever I go to visit my mother these days. She has a powerful craving for sour foods and these pickles are her favorite. She expecially loves them as she can just nibble on a piece whenever she wants. These pickles are one of the few things she can eat without having to take enzymes because of her pancreatic cancer. The first day I brought them home my little niece who is 4 years old and my mother both loved them so much they nearly started to fight over the last few pieces! Luckily you can order them in bulk from their website:


I also really appreciate that these pickles are chock full of probiotics so they help all of our digestive systems and boost our immunity. I just can’t say enought good things about these pickles! I also look forward to seeing more of these types of naturally fermented products becoming available in stores.

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