The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution

Multimedia Presentation on Wireless Health Hazards from ElectromagneticHealth.Org on Vimeo.

In the video above, founder Camilla Rees presents an overview of an emerging public health issue — excessive exposures to microwave radiation from wireless technologies.

Illness linked to electromagnetic radiation exposure includes many cancers, neurological conditions, ADD, sleep disorders, depression, autism, cognitive problems, cardiovascular irregularities, hormone disruption, immune system disorders, metabolism changes, stress, fertility impairment, increased blood brain barrier permeability, mineral disruption, DNA damage and much, much more.

Learn how to sensibly protect yourself in high EMF environments, and why it is important you join others in advocating for stricter safety standards for wireless technologies. also offers ten free audio interviews with some of the world’s leading experts in the field of EMF.

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  1. Emily

    I’ve been wearing a stone for protection for the past couple of yrs. Twice I have had to go for a week without wearing it, and I am telling you, I noticed a difference!

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