Public Exposure: Microwave frequencies alter our brain & DNA

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen so far discussing the issues of wireless technology, radio frequencies and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Various scientists from around the world (including Dr. Neil Cherry from New Zealand) discuss what they have uncovered with their independent experiments on various frequencies on health. Sweden is one of the leaders in this area as they were one of the first countries to completely blanket themselves with electrosmog as a result of their cellphone company Eriksson. At the very end of this film we meet one of the top engineers of Eriksson who is now so hypersensitive to any electromagnetic field that he even had to wear his protective suit during the interview as he couldn’t handle the fields put out by the video camera and microphone! More info on the high rate of electrosensitive engineers at Eriksson here. If you value your health and that of your family this film is a must watch.

Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the ‘Wireless Revolution’

From Ecological Options Network: Released in 2000, Public Exposure is the first – and still definitive – independently produced investigative report on this key issue, the human health dangers of Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) from cell phones & cell towers… and what we can do to protect ourselves.

This documentary has been broadcast on LinkTV and is in constant use by community groups and concerned citizens around the world. DVD copies are available for purchase here.

First Place award, EarthVision Film Festival.
Co-Produced by EON’s Mary Beth Brangan and Libby Kelley of the Council on Wireless Technology Impacts
Directed and edited by EON’s James Heddle.

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  1. Emily

    It’s a wonder any of us make it past forty these days…

    The Russians knew about microwaves and banned them in the 1970s. Who is behind in technology know-how?

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