Smart Meter Update BC

Now that the holidays are over, we must get back to the work of confronting Hydro and its infringement upon our rights.

As you know the first major step was completed on Dec. 22 when our lawyer, David Aaron, submitted a complaint to BCUC charging that BC Hydro has gone beyond the requirements to fulfill the Clean Energy Act’s demand that a smart meter program be implemented by Dec. 2012. The complaint asks that the program be halted and an open review be held. (The complaint and press release are attached for your review in case you missed then during the holiday rush.)

This is major and we are all very excited about calling Hydro to answer for this dangerous, invasive device that it has chosen to use. Mr. Aaron is preparing for that confrontation which will begin this month.

To cut to the chase, we need funds to pay him. Initially we estimated we would need $50,000 in our legal fund, and to date people have contributed approximately $8500! That has paid for his work to date.

We need donations, and we need them quickly. There is such a large group of people wanting to fight that I’m sure, now that we’ve taken the first step, everyone will be eager to contribute to keep this effort going.

Please give what you can:

Mail a cheque to:
“Coalition to Stop Smart Meters”
P.O. Box 88154
West Shore RPO
Victoria, BC V9C 6K8

or deposit directly to the Coalition’s Bank Account at any Royal Bank, Account No. 01120-100-3912

or pay by credit card at

Please tell your relatives, friends, neighbours! This is our chance to ensure that democracy is not trampled upon by a crown corporation out of control.

Your support, your work can make this happen. Many thanks!


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