Stop Smart Meters Rally at Occupy Vancouver

Actually, I am pretty pissed that I missed this rally entirely, but I was really feeling crap on Monday. Too much going on these days! Thanks god for video! Please take a few minutes to watch this whole video. The speakers are really good and put the whole issue in perspective very succinctly. There is a very interesting connection between Enron and BC Hydro. This is a very important issue for health. We have a smart meter on our apartment building, a situation I currently have no control over. It is destroying my body, one of the reasons I easily get sick when a little over-tired and stressed out. Thanks BC Hydro, thanks Canadian government.

Read this article for more in depth information: High Voltage: Spin & Lies of a Global Energy Grid

This quote is just to get you started:

The plans have been spun over the decades, but now large corporate players, controlling strategic committees in Washington and Ottawa, are ready to transform the continent and drain Canada of energy – oil, gas, hydro – all without any public involvement except that taxpayers are expected to foot the bill.

The people of B.C. have been told repeatedly that the province is a “net importer” of electricity and needs to become “self-sufficient” – claims that are used to justify everything from “run of river” independent power producers (IPPs), to energy mega-projects such as Bute Inlet and the $8 billion Site C dam proposal. But a U.S. electricity expert told me that California has been “buying a tremendous amount of power from B.C. over the past decade.”

Peter Meisen, founder and president of the San Diego-based Global Energy Network Institute (GENI), said during a phone interview last year, “B.C. sells a lot of excess electricity through the Pacific intertie into southern California. It’s the cheapest electricity we have and they’ve been selling it to us constantly over the past decade.” Read More.

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  1. ken

    Did you know that these smartmeters have a second transmitter in them (not turned on yet) It is in the
    2.4 Ghz frequency range and will connect with gas meters etc in future! Also Hydro is looking right now for
    interest from developers for other electronic devices to interconnect other appliances in your home!
    Then you will have 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz radiation in your homes! Also these meters act as relays for other smartmeters, so when Hydro talks about your meter’s transmit time, that is only part of the story!

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