World Food Thursdays 6

Welcome back to World Food Thursdays, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and link up your delicious international food!

We had some really lovely recipes added last week, I really liked Patty’s article: Existential Momentum: Ambasha, Eritrean Bread. She shares her experiences delving into another culture through food rituals and shares a delicious recipe for Eritrean bread. I loved how she showed images of the different stages of preparation as she describes the importance of exploring the diversity of cultures in our world. Here is a favorite passage from her article:

Perhaps by default, women, across all cultures and groups, tend to maintain, practice and teach the relevance of tradition, culture and language to children in the community. I want to offer my children similar ‘lessons’. With that said, I have little interest in helping my children to identify or root themselves in one particular category or existence. Instead, I am greatly motivated to give their presence on earth some context and existentially, some momentum. In doing so, I might ignite, in them, a vast appreciation for the history that came before them as well as illuminate their capacity to positively transform the story that lies in front of them.

I just love the recipes from the Philippines added by Marelie from Cookie Droplets etc, she blogs about Creole Filipino Cuisine. I enjoyed this quote she has on her blog:

As the local saying goes, Philippine food was prepared by Malay settlers, spiced by the Chinese, stewed by the Spanish and hamburgerized by the Americans.Well, funny and indescribable but its true.

Please link up your international dishes. We want to see food from every corner of the world together, side by side being delicious all in one common community. We want to revel in our diversity, to respect everyone’s techniques, food preferences, ways of eating and rituals around cooking and eating. Our other linky Grain-Free Tuesdays is quite restrictive, so this one is very open. We still prefer traditional recipes with little to no processed foods, but we want everyone to feel welcome here.

Please follow the common bloghop courtesy of linking back to this post in your recipe, leaving a comment after linking up, and tweeting, posting to facebook, digging, stumbling or otherwise helping to promote this bloghop. If anyone would like to join us in hosting it just drop us a line. In the meantime enjoy the wonderful foods of the world–perhaps we will all learn to be more tolerant of each other’s differences and in doing so we will create a world of peace, harmony and delightful meals.

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  1. tasteofbeirut


    Love the idea, it is such an opportunity to discover foods I have never tried nor seen. This is a very healthy and deliciously sweet alternative to jarred sugary spreads available in the stores and it can be prepared in less than 5 seconds by mixing tahini and carob molasses!

  2. Marelie

    Hi hellaD..I am sharing our Philippine National Fish:Milkfish.thanks for hosting

  3. Belinda @zomppa

    Thanks for hosting again! Those rolls look great. And thanks for the shout-out to Patty. Her article was really beautiful.

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