Why Real Food Bloggers Should Use Flattr

I have been using Flattr for a little while now, but since my last site update, many of you may have been wondering what the extra little flattr button is on the top of all of my posts. Flattr is a brilliant way for creative bloggers to share money with blogs they appreciate. If you really love a recipe from your favorite foodie site, you can now donate a portion of a monthly amount to that recipe. Currently flattr is mostly being used in Europe and among open-source type communities so I was very excited to discover a local Vancouver blogger Kim Werker is using it as well. It seems the crafty community is catching on to the potential of flattr. She has made a short video explaining the whole system and why we need to all get on board. Take a second to watch it below. I have also included her post, as she lays out very clearly what you need to do to get going and how to go about it as well as how much money she has made so far.

Her second point below is something to pay attention to, the bigger the food-lover community on flattr, the more chance we have of getting people flattring us, so the more the merrier! Get on board and start flattring :). In fact, if you like what Kim has to say, you can simply follow this link and show your support by flattring her. With flattr we can have our cake, share it with everyone, and eat it too!

Flattr: We Should All Use It by Kim Werker:

Show notes:

  1. Link to Flattr’s website.
  2. I failed to mention this in the video: Flattr is only as powerful as the size of the community that uses it. This is key. If you’re reluctant to put Flattr on your site because you’ve never seen it before and so you get the impression nobody uses it, start using it. The more of us that do, the more of us there will be to support and be supported by.
  3. I’m specifically addressing crafts and creativity bloggers, but the exact same thing goes for food bloggers, book bloggers and bloggers who write about absolutely ANYTHING.
  4. In the year I’ve been using Flattr, I’ve earned €54.19 (about $73.98 CAD or $77.03 USD). That’s not very much, but not many people in my blogging community are using Flattr yet. Anyway, compared to nothing, it’s something. In my most profitable month I earned €16.24.
  5. You can see a Flattr button on each post.
  6. When you click a Flattr button, the text on it changes to say “subscribe”. You can then click that button to automatically Flattr that piece of content for three, six or twelve months. What a cool way to easily support the blogs you enjoy!
  7. Flattr also just began allowing people to Flattr Twitter users even if those users don’t yet use Flattr. (Payments won’t be doled out unless/until the Twitterer starts using Flattr.)

Flattr’s video:

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  1. humphrey

    this looks really cool, I’ll try anything once.

  2. Alea Milham

    I had never heard of Flattr before – I will look in to it. Thanks for sharing this resource with the Hearth and Soul Hop.

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