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I have teamed up with Alex over at and April of 21st Century Housewife to host the Feed Me! Tweet Me! Follow Me Home Friday Friend Builder Linky. Scroll to the bottom of this page to link up your Real food lovin’ blog so we can all get to know each other.

This week has been crazy. What with the redesign of the site, which I thought would be done by now–these things always take longer than you expect! And re-starting up my craniosacral therapy business (finally!), I am feeling like I am in the middle of moving house. Very confused, befuddled and barely hanging on to what I call reality! On top of this I actually had a very powerful craniosacral therapy session myself earlier this week, and something completely shifted in my pelvis, which has given rise for a lot of rebalancing in my body. I am very happy about this, as it feels like something that has been needing to happen for quite some time, but the readjusting can be difficult! (BTW, cranio goes really well with the GAPS diet and can really help speed up the healing process) I was just saying to a buddy of mine, that I used to think I was a really patient person, but have recently come to realise I actually am not at all!

I don’t like having to wait for the timing to be right and the universe to get everything lined up, I want things to happen now and quickly. I don’t get into the process and enjoy challenges as much as I should. I do get pissed off, stressed out and start pushing too hard to make things happen. I should know by now that doing that just makes things a million times harder on myself! If I could trust and learn to move with the flow, things would probably fall into place when the time is right.

I practice biodynamic craniosacral therapy which actually respects the client’s own innate healing ability–so the main thing that we ‘do’ in a session is to sit and wait and listen, allowing the rhythm of the body to do what it needs to do. We don’t go rushing in, poking around, manipulating and telling the body what to do as if we are the expert on a person who we may have just met right then and there. This is completely different than most methods of bodywork–think of massage–or even of any other healing modality–think of doctors and the medical system! I seem to be pretty good at doing this when I am working on someone else’s body, so now I need to learn how to do it in my own life, and with the earth in general. To be able to listen and learn from my body as opposed to thinking I need to tell and teach and control things.

Since I have become so interested in the gut, probiotics, the GAPS diet and fermentation I have also been spending a fair amount of time each night in doing my best to listen to the micro-organisms in my gut–trying to learn how to understand, communicate and listen to them. So far I don’t really feel I know how to do this, so I just keep at it. One of the things I do notice as I listen to my gut, is just how vast and diverse that microscopic world is. Then I start wondering how it is that all of these different micro-organisms can all live together so happily (in an optimal gut) and productively in such a small space and yet us humans just can’t seem to figure it out with all the space we have. I am convinced we have a lot to learn from these creatures if only we would take the time and learn how to listen to them.

Well that’s where I’m at this Friday, hope that my babble makes a little sense! Please link up–lets get to know each other. This is one way we can start to learn to love how diverse nature is–by appreciating all of our differences and admiring all of our various unique abilities 🙂

By the way, don’t forget to join us on Tuesdays for the Grain-Free Bloghop.

Feed Me! Tweet Me! Follow Me Home Friday!

Feed Me! Tweet Me! Follow Me Home at a Moderate Life!Now what you have all been waiting for! I am very excited to be partnering with Alex of A Moderate Life and April of the 21st Century Housewife to offer a Foodie focused find a friend blog hop. Alex started this bloghop and the linky is called Feed Me, Tweet Me, Follow Me Home and it is a true blog hop. This means, that if YOU wish to run the hop on your blog, all you have to do is get the linky code from the bottom of this page and list it on your blog for your readers to join in.

The rules are very simple, because it is a “follow me” linky.

Just enter your link below, grab our RSS feeds, follow each other’s tweets, join us on facebook or follow us on networked blogs.

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You can share the Feed Me, Tweet Me, Follow Me Home badge if you want. Those are Alex’s two lovely parrots, Caliente, a Quaker parrot and Scarlet, a female Solomon Island Eclectus! Aren’t they cute?

It is that simple and hopefully this will help us all gain new visitors to our blogs and expand our audiences while giving us new places to explore and making the bloggiesphere a more friendly place! I follow everyone who visits me and leaves a comment, but if I missed you, please leave me a comment and have fun getting to know more wonderful places on the web!

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