Upgrading Hella Delicious

PassionflowerAs some of you may have noticed we have a great new design that opens up the site and hopefully will make things easier to find thanks to theinterzone.net.

We are still working on it and will be making a few more shifts and changes. We have also put up the first episode of our long awaited Mouth of Babes series, we have the next two edited and will put them up shortly but we are still needing more sponsors to get the rest of the series edited, we have a total of 11 episodes in this already filmed, please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Please add your comments even if it is just one word, we want to hear what you think, please vote in our coriander poll and sign up to receive a newsletter or rss feed, let us know if you have any suggestions or recommendations or if you have something – art, music, recipe, craft, photo, article, tip – whatever that might be useful for people.

We hope the information in this site is helpful, but please don’t take anything too seriously and don’t believe everything here unquestioningly, we have been known to be wrong as often as not as is the case with most of us.

Mostly we hope to stimulate some thought by relating various alternative real world experiences [or dreams ;-)].

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