Easter Rebirth Bloghop

Things have been crazy hectic the past couple of weeks and I haven’t managed to post my regular Grain-Free Tuesday and World Food Thursday bloghops. I am really sorry about that. I will have them running again next week. In the meantime, I have been spending some time making lots of egg recipes and other fun favorites for Easter that are grain-free and GAPS friendly which I hope to get posted before Easter is over! We celebrated our Easter early this year, and I am currently on a juice and broth cleansing fast, as spring and fall are great times for fasting. I will post more on fasts soon–I have done all kinds and I have a friend who has been begging me to post about them for over a year now!

This bloghop is specially for your traditional, Real Food, favorite recipes for Easter. But feel free to also include other articles, memories, events, etc about Easter or whatever festival your culture celebrates at this time of year. In Burma, for example, they celebrate the Burmese New Year, by having a 4-5 day water festival including special traditional treats. Passover is also occurring right now, so feel free to also link up passover favorites. This time of year is full of change, newness, renewal and rebirth. Hope to see lots of egg recipes as they are very symbolic of rebirth!

Happy Easter/Ostara everyone, or Happy late New Year if you are from S. E. Asia, and Happy Passover folks…oh yes also Happy Holy Friday for the Orthodox. If there are any other special festivals going on right now let me know!

Please don’t link recipes that use lots of refined sugar and flour or artificial coloring. Lets keep this bloghop to good food that is not gonna harm us! I would love to see as many grain-free, and GAPS friendly recipes as possible in here as well :)

Typical bloghop rules apply, please link back to this post, add a comment and tweet or facebook this post to help promote it. Sorry I don’t have a cool badge for you! Feel free to post more than one link for this particular bloghop.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Can’t wait to see what exactly cauliflower cake is!

  2. Amanda Rose says:

    Hi guys. I’ve got
    brain-building deviled eggs in an old video by my mother (which includes peeling the boiled eggs). Eggs are one of my favorite foods for depression.


  3. Katerina says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me! I’ve linked my tsoureki and will follow you back!

  4. Marelie says:

    Hello, I miss your World Food Thursday Linky. Im here and heres my..Custard Yellow Cake Flan

  5. Ellen says:

    What a great idea! And what perfect timing for me! I have an entire week-long series of posts dealing with eggs (and including lots of recipes) planned for the week leading up to Easter. Glad to be joining you.

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